NBA Gives Donald Sterling the Death Penalty

By Lex April 29, 2014 @ 3:29 PM

In what will be thoughtlessly lauded as a brave and precedent setting move, the comic book villainlooking new NBA commissioner gave Donald Sterling the Pete Rose styled lifetime ban from the NBA, fined him a shit ton of cash, and with what will surely be a soon to come 3/4 vote of the owners, force Donald Sterling to sell his franchise to the highest bidder. And for what? Because his hooker illegally taped him saying dumb racist shit? He’s guilty of being an ignorant crusty old asshole. He’s not guilty of a crime. He’s not even been found guilty of racial discrimination in regard to his NBA franchise which employees a black head coach, not so common in professional sports. Donald Sterling has been an asshole and blight on the NBA for over three decades while they did absolutely nothing. The NAACP was just about to give him a lifetime achievement award this week in Los Angeles because everybody plays the fucking money game. Sure, saying you don’t want your hooker to associate with black men in public means you’re a giant cunt head. Are we now going to denounce and take away franchises from every cunt head owner in sports? I’d sure like to, but that’s a long list. Are we going to give the league’s death penalty to every old white dude saying ignorant racist shit in private to their young whores? This probably means more dead hookers. Adam Silver and the NBA’s response is geared entirely toward the media firestorm and sponsors threatening to pull out and to making Magic Johnson whole again. Magic already praised the NBA’s decision and declared it okay for black people to play basketball again. Oh, and to take big paychecks from known racists. America has nothing to feel proud about today. Gambling in Casablanca? No fucking way.

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    DrainBammage 04/29/2014 16:03

    “Damn hebe, why you make me slap you in the mouth?” is what Silver told his paisan.
    “Whats said at the synagogue, stays at the synagogue, you know how it works.”
    Its gonna make Holocaust week in the NBA kinda touchy this year.

    >The NAACP was just about to give him a lifetime achievement award this week in

    Excuse me but that was THE SECOND award from the NAACP money machine. They gave him one already about 5yrs ago but it seems the ‘coloured people’ there think that Sterling has done TWO lifetimes of good for black (wallets).
    Besides their fscked name, why dont black people pull all support for the coloured folk organization?
    You can be mad all you want at Sterling, he is a rich dsck who has always protected by other rich dscks and we all knew who he was.
    But this groupe of uncle Tom’s TWICE honoured the slimeball. Seriously, who do you represent exactly? Besides your own wallets?
    Any big name black celebrities even say anything about the NAACP.
    The guy from Mozilla was ostracized by teh gays because he, like the majority of Californians, voted a certain way. Id like to see one freaking black person get as pissed off at the bootlickers who represent (!) them….

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/29/2014 22:22

    Adam silver looks like a cross between Skeletor and a senior partner at a big 5 accounting firm.

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    Beylerbey 04/29/2014 22:33

    Nosferatu. He just needs the nails.

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    Sterling Archer 04/29/2014 22:52

    Getting fucked by a hooker. i hope he made her do some weird shit

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    mat34 04/29/2014 23:59

    now the NBA just needs to eliminate all affiliation with Chik-Fil-A !!

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    wwtdd 04/30/2014 12:51

    Amen. Lex, most days I think you (and all your ilk) and I are very alike, for many reasons. Then you go and post something that is truly super intelligent like this. I hate people. I *really* hate people who love money more than anything.

  7. Sophia Ava 06/23/2014 12:48

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