Nina Agdal In Bikini Outtakes From Some Paid Gig

Nina Agdal In Bikinis For Outtakes Of 2014 Banana Moon I really like this girl. I hope America hasn't ruined her yet. If she had remained in Denmark, she'd probably be shy and giggle at racy jokes and smile in the parades for the modestly communist government. Now that she's in America modeling and making movies and experienced intimate moments with Adam Levine, she's probably jaded and harsh and covered in microscopic organisms that reside in Levine jizz. I'd still let her rape me, assuming she hasn't seen the Biden video yet.

Photo Credit: Banana Moon [gallery ids="1740375,1740376,1740378,1740377,1740379,1740387,1740386,1740380,1740393,1740381,1740383,1740384,1740385,1740374,1740382,1740388,1740389,1740390,1740391,1740392,1740394,1740395"]

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