Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini

Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini At The Beach In Maui Eddie Murphy's finest work in the past twenty years, not really measurable against any other projects, might just be Paige Butcher, the hot model he takes with him everywhere in case his dick gets itchy. She's really a pretty damn attractive something much younger than Eddie year old lady. I'd like to think she and Eddie connect on a spiritual level as well as a physical one, but since Eddie himself probably doesn't give a shit, now I feel pretty stupid just saying it. Paige will someday soon by the stepmother to Eddie's semi-attractive daughters by way of the woman now married to lisping Michael Strahan. Paige will tell the girls she's not there to replace their mother and the girls won't believe her and will likely act out. This will force Paige to do that thing Eddie has asked her about for a while at which time she will convince him to financially cut ties with his daughters. Then she'll walk kind of funny down to their room and laugh in their bitchy faces. The hot blonde woman always wins.

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