Pregnant Mila Kunis Hid The Douchebaby Bump Well At The MTV Movie Awards

April 14, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Mila Kunis was one of the big celebrities that agreed to show up to last night’s MTV Movie Awards event in exchange for a fake gold bucket of popcorn, and of course people can’t stop talking about how great she looks for being pregnant. “Wow, look at how the celebrity with the team of handlers and makeup and wardrobe people at her side throughout the entire show absolutely glows,” they all say while pretending like she’s different from any other pregnant woman in California. Her nipples will become chaffed and stretched out just like the rest of the women, and she’ll have to work her ass off after she gives birth to lose the extra weight. The only difference will be that she’ll be walking around with the constant reminder of having had Ashton Kutcher making stupid faces on top of and probably behind her, and there’s not an exercise or class in the world that can help a girl recover from that.

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