Tara Reid In A Bikini In Australia

By Lex April 09, 2014 @ 12:27 PM

Tara Reid In A Bikini At The Beach In Australia
Whenever I see Tara Reid in a bikini, the thought always comes to mind, wow, I can’t believe she’s still alive. I have friends serving overseas or working in dangerous domestic professions or those afflicted with potentially dangerous medical conditions, but it’s always Tara Reid that I just assume has fallen off a booze cruise and been eaten very slowly by millions of krill. This is why Tara sends out Twitter pictures of herself in bikinis once a month. She’s not trying to show off the results of her cardboard and packing glue diet, she just wants to make sure people aren’t packing up boxes at her apartment and talking about her in the past tense. I’m still alive! Don’t let Jedward hork my shit!

Photo Credit: Tara Reid/Twitter

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