The Jills Are Suing

By Lex April 23, 2014 @ 5:59 PM

Many NFL cheerleaders are now suing their respective NFL teams for being made to work for free. And by being made to work for free, I mean, they put on cakes of makeup and super tight workout gear, cut any bitch who stepped in front of them in line, and begged the teams to let them come cheer for free. Beyond just the dispute over the meaning of the word free, some of Buffalo Jills cheerleader claim they were gawked at, fondled, and told to jiggle their bodies to see how they looked in the unis during tryouts. Outrageous. All you ever wanted was to pom pom in a super short skirt and a bra for 60,000 drunk dudes and this is what you’re subjected to? Even off-Interstate strippers get treated nicer. And they get paid. Which leads me to one fucking conclusion, why the hell are you not stripping? You know, you can hook up with professional athletes and have illegitimate babies via the Internet these days. If you’re a stripper, your odds rise astronomically of at least one child support claim. And you don’t need to put up with all that objectification nonsense, not without some Washington’s stuffed into your crannies. Despite all the brochures, cheerleading is not a real profession. These ‘indentured servitude’ lawsuits make a mockery of the real misery of slave labor experienced by seamstresses in Myanmar or Kendra Wilkinson’s husband. ┬áLet it go. G-O. Let it go.

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    Trommel 04/25/2014 15:19

    I respect strippers more than cheerleaders. They’re way more honest. They wouldn’t sue anyone for using their assets to get what they want. Women do that. Let us be honest. We with dicks would do the same if we could. Secondly, being cute their entire life…how did the cheerleaders miss the point that their entire purpose of being there is a marketing scam. We love you for being hot… We don’t even know you. You aren’t a surgeon or chemist who is making her way in the world by being brilliant. You’re hot…and that’s why people give you money. That’s it…and that’s all dearest little cheerleader friends. If you want more money, work more than 3 hours a week at a game with men in tight pants for only 4 months out of the year. There are girls as hot as you that do it for hours every night for an insane more tax free cash than you make. Who has the brains in Hot Girl Land where only looks matter? Candy on Stage 2.

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