This Child Bride Seems Happy

April 3, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I don’t like feel good stories. They make me uncomfortable as I search my soul and wonder why I only find bitterness where others find LUVS and OMG Awesomes!!!. Some photographer named Lindsey learned that a guy with terminal cancer regretted that he’d not live to be able to walk his 11-year old daughter Josie down the aisle. So the photographer raised donations of the most inspired kind and produced a fake wedding for Josie so she could film the dad at her nuptials (video: Walk Me Down the Aisle, Daddy). I guess it’s not super creepy to lipstick and doll up an eleven year old and put a promise ring on her finger before a pastor so that older dying dad can hold her hand as she gets fake married. At least not nearly as creepy as the mock wedding night and honeymoon which I suppose is on another reel. When dad has left this earth and Josie gets older, she’ll have these super melancholy and traumatic memories to keep her warm well into her spinster years. A promise is a promise.