V. Stiviano Doesn't Want Attention

V. Stiviano Wears Her Visor To Dinner With Her Posse In Los Angeles I've noticed that the intellectually challenged tend to confuse infamy with fame and their fifteen minutes related therein. Now that the press has been digging into the background of the chick who was boning Donald Sterling for cash and prizes, we're learning more about this innocent victim of a racist old horny plantation owner. For instance, her real name is Maria Perez, but she changed her name legally to V. Stiviano a couple years ago because she told the court she was 'born of rape'. I don't know if she means like Freddy Krueger one-thousand mental patients kind or just plain old fashion drunken forceful daddy kind. Either way, it seems like the appropriate motivation to change your name to something really arcane and stupid and difficult to pencil into the SATs you never took. It turns out V. is not 24, she's 31, and she secured about $2.5 million in gifts from The Other Donald during her three years of squeezing his crinkly tube after Murder She Wrote. Sterling's wife Rochelle is suing trying to get the condos and Bentleys back claiming V. fellated a senile old man into the big gifts and engaged in...

"...conduct designed to target, befriend, seduce, and then entice, cajole, borrow from, cheat and/or receive as gifts transfers of wealth from wealthy older men whom she targets for such purpose.
I guess Rochelle never followed the Anna Nicole Smith case. America has a long history of young girls using their feminine wiles to get square off old man sponge bathes. Everybody has kind of agreed that upscale hooking is a no-givebacks kind of deal. V. probably taped her octogenarian meal ticket spouting his progressive views on black men in order to protect herself from having to give back her fancy toys. I guess when Rochelle told her I don't give a fuck about your secret tapes, that condo by the beach belongs to me, bitch, V. decided just to sell the recordings to TMZ for a little weekend spending cash. Now she's got the visor to hide her face while her glam whore posse wears her name on their hats to build her Q rating. Eventually, V. Stiviano will get hit by a bus because even Jesus gets tired of scheming bitches after a few good chuckles at human frailty.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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