Vivid Is Scared Of Farrah Abraham’s New Book

By Travis April 09, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

The next step in Mother of the Year candidate Farrah Abraham’s bid to remain relevant is her “fictional” erotica book trilogy, Celebrity Sex Tape, which tells the story of a reality star named Fallon Opal dealing with sex tape rumors. It’s basically the story of Farrah’s turn from shitty MTV reality show person to a full-blown porn star, except the character in the book actually made a sex tape. Farrah, on the other hand, just let James Deen fuck her on camera, and Vivid marketed it as a celebrity sex tape. That’s why, according to TMZ, Vivid’s Steve Hirsch sent Farrah a letter demanding that she not reveal his so-called secrets of recruiting celebrities to “leak” their sex tapes. Obviously, it’s something like, “Hey, do you need money? Make a sex tape.” But Steve doesn’t want any really stupid people to know that, too.

Farrah also told Radar that she wrote the first book, In the Making, herself and didn’t need ghost writers, claiming, “The story and words all came from my imagination.” What a coincidence, that’s the same place that she keeps the idea that she’s a celebrity.

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/09/2014 17:10

    They’re scared of her book?? I’m scared of her face.

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