Amanda Bynes Is Back And A Little More Normal Than Ever

By Travis May 16, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

Amanda Bynes doesn't look as crazy as before

We haven’t seen or heard much from Amanda Bynes since a judge ordered her crazy ass into professional therapy and rehab, and she was eventually released to her parents. That’s a good thing, obviously, because it means she wasn’t throwing bongs on the streets of New York City, lighting random driveways or her dog on fire, and stalking Drake so she could cut his dick off and wear it as her crown in her private country of Crazybitchylvania. Yesterday she Tweeted a new photo of her with her sister, Jillian Joyce, who looks like she should be way more important than just being known as the girl standing next to the insane woman. It’s nice to see Amanda smiling and all, but no one should fall for this. There’s still crazy behind those eyes, and it’s just waiting to strike once we’ve all let our guards down.

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    Admiral 05/18/2014 17:42

    The funny thing about being crazy is that it goes away after you stop drinking and smoking.

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    pk20152 05/19/2014 06:55

    someone just needs to bang the crazy outta her

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