Brody Jenner Is DJing In Chicago Instead Of Going To Kim’s Wedding

May 24, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Since his girlfriend whose name you’ve never heard wasn’t invited to his stepsister’s wedding, Brody Jenner decided not to travel to Italy with the rest of his family, because the love of a girl that he’s been dating for seven months is more important than Kim Kardashian‘s ass in a laughably white dress. So what does a 30-year old guy do when his whole family is gone and he has America to himself? He takes a gig DJing at a club in Chicago. The obvious question here is who pays Brody Jenner to be a celebrity DJ, but the far better question is who sees that Brody is DJing at a club and then says, “Oh shit, I need to be there”? Fucking losers, of course. But I at least have to respect the guy’s ass-spraying game.

Photo Credit: Brody Jenner’s Twitter

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