Courtney Stodden And Her Mom Shared Baby Pictures (VIDEO)

By Travis May 30, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Let’s take a moment to check in with Courtney Stodden and her hilariously fake tits, as they’ve all turned to a web series to continue her quest to beg America to make her a star. On the latest episode of Courtney Naturally, her mom Krista stopped by to share childhood pictures with everyone. Old pictures? Mom, you are so embarrassing! Seriously, stop reminding the few thousand people who watch this shit that your daughter was once a normal, cute teenager with a bright future. Courtney is a full-grown woman now, already divorced from a guy more than twice her age, and rocking a set of fake tits that would make most porn stars say, “That’s a little much.” Oh Courtney, you’re so normal and open, how are you not an A-list movie star already?

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    MacDaddy 05/30/2014 12:30

    If anyone is out there looking to get themselves a nice STD, word around the offices is that Courtney will suck and f*ck ANYONE who she thinks will help her career.

    So go ahead and get your Hollywood Agent business cards printed, work on your BS Speech, such as, “well I left William Morris for CAA because once they signed that Douchebag A-Rod I knew they were just interested in the money and commission and not the personal touch in seeing a talented actress such as yourself succeed. And that’s MY pledge to you….I’ll make you a household name!!”

    And presto, your c*ck is in an STD infected mouth!

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    miche the killer 05/30/2014 12:40

    Her mom keeps looking at her gargantuan balloons on the sign off, and saying “naturally”. On a separate note, I wonder if World of Wonder has to find a new crew every time they shoot these b/c I’d f’ing leave the car running in the garage if I had to edit or tape this earache.

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