Donald Sterling Kind of Won, Didn’t He?

May 31, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

As far as punishments go, being forced to sell the NBA franchise you bought for $12 million for $2 billion to one of the Microsoft guys is somewhere on the scale just beneath, and now you must have sex with Candice Swanepoel until your dick hurts, a lot. Take that. As Donald Sterling slips further into dementia, he goes there knowing he mostly won. The NBA has been trying to get rid of him for thirty-three years of being a total dick and for thirty-three years Donald got to bang young tranny looking Mexi-girls and deliver racially tinged rants to them courtside while waiting for his 10,000% return on his investment. His final years would likely have been far less pleasant had his disturbing bedroom chats with his manipulative hooker not been leaked to the press and tens of millions of self-righteous simpleton protestors not flooded Facebook with me-too’s about Sterling’s racism. Donald Sterling just got voted Most Hated Man in America. He can read all about it once he finished counting his two bill.

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