Kanye West Told A Kid That His Yeezys Are Fake (VIDEO)

May 21, 2014 | video | editor | 0 Comments

Kanye West doesn’t like signing people’s crap as much as he just doesn’t like talking to other human beings, so it was a pleasant surprise when he took one whole second out of his busy day to sign a fan’s pair of Air Yeezy Red Octobers. Except, instead of just signing the stupid shoe and driving away to get a solid gold replica of his dick made for the fondue fountain at his wedding, Kanye told the fan that his Yeezys were fake, much to the poor guy’s disappointment. Kanye, of course, still smiled, because what’s a fake pair of shoes to a fan who might have spent his hard-earned money on them when Kanye’s still pocketing 9 figures to make some ugly ass red shoes? He probably even broke out into laughter when someone told him that little kids lose their fingers and hands making his knockoff shoes. Shit’s hilarious.

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