Kendall Jenner Is Caught In The World’s Most Shocking Scandal

May 30, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

One of the reasons why Twitter is so stupid and useless is because 99% of it is bullshit, from the celebrity ass-kissers to the people pretending to be celebrities. So if someone whispers to you that they have a big secret that someone paid for followers, you probably won’t shit your pants in absolute shock and disbelief. But In Touch still has the mother of all exclusives about Kendall Jenner, or the only hot Kardashian sister if you have trouble keeping track of them. According to the sleuthing of the century, about 4.6 million of Kendall’s 7.9 million Twitter followers are “fake or inactive,” which means that instead of almost 8 million idiot followers, she only has about 3.4 million idiot followers. Fuck Benghazi, this is the real scandal that needed to be blown wide open, and it’s only a matter of time before Kendall is taken into custody and handled appropriately for her fame-whoring crimes.

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