Kendall Jenner Thanked Her Instagrams Followers By Twerking

May 22, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Kendall Jenner isn’t as dumb as we think her entire family is, despite being only 18-years old and the product of Kris Jenner’s cervix draining the life and ambition from Bruce Jenner’s body. She wanted to reach 10 million Instagram followers so she could pretend that it was an actual achievement, and she knew the best way to do that would be to post a photo of her tits again. Except instead of using modeling as an excuse to show her newly legal tits like she did last time, she just showed her side boob, because that’s always a much classier way of telling people, “Look, I have nothing else to offer.” But once she reached 10 million followers this week, she celebrated with an incredibly stupid dancing video that is only even worth mentioning because of the way she makes her ass drop, as if to cast a magical spell on us and demand that we forget that she’s absolutely pointless in the grand scheme.

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