Lea Michele Can’t Stop Being Triumphant (VIDEO)

By Lex May 21, 2014 @ 6:54 PM

By the time Lea Michele’s lyrically auto-tuned out ‘my heart’s too drunk to drive’ you already know her new pop ballad On My Way to You is headed straight for five stars on your iTunes killer seventh grade summer party playlist. This is the same music video where Lea’s smallish boobs kept falling out of the various swimsuit tops she wears in the video. I can’t remember if this is one of the every songs on her new album that represents her emotional comeback after driving Dead Cory Monteith to choose heroin over pay-per-view porn in his Vancouver hotel room. It certainly should be. When she starts humping that door and singing about bad love, you know she’s not just speaking about her own experiences, she’s talking to all of us with randy gay model boyfriends and United Colors of Benetton friends who frolic in the street. Fuck, I watched this twice. Where do I go to get my balls back?

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  1. Andy Anderson 05/21/2014 21:07

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    EatMyAss 05/22/2014 08:15

    Meh, I’d still blow a load in her arse.

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    Shortshanks 05/23/2014 09:29

    Look at that mouth….I wonder if she can suck a mean cock……..

    ….I bet she’s a half-way decent lay…..

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