Lindsay Lohan Swears She Had A Miscarriage

May 12, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Lindsay Lohan would prefer that people not sue her and force her to pay $5 million over things that happened when she was “old” Lindsay Lohan. That’s how much she owes clothing line 6126 for either failing to uphold her end of a deal or driving her car into a store – I honestly can’t keep track anymore – but she swears the reason that she hasn’t bothered responding to the lawsuit isn’t because she doesn’t give a shit and she’d rather party with random dicks in London, but because she has been really overwhelmed since her miscarriage. But now, according to TMZ, Lindsay is going to have to prove that she actually had something growing inside of her stomach aside from cocaine bloat, because if she’s lying, it is perjury and she’ll be heading to jail. And who will go to all of the important cancer charity events looking like she just arrived in a clown car full of tired strippers if Lindsay is in jail?

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