Meet The 12 Biggest Idiots In America (VIDEO)

By Travis May 21, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Not since the Fox reality dating series Joe Millionaire has something so fucking stupid made its way onto network television (probably an exaggeration), but I Wanna Marry Harry is finally here to make the rest of the world believe that Americans are as dumb as they think we are. On this new series, 12 female idiots are brought to England for what they think is the chance to win Prince Harry’s heart, because if there’s one thing that the royal family would let Harry do, it’s star in a reality series on Fox. Some of the girls introduced in last night’s debut episode seemed a little skeptical, openly questioning the validity of the guy who clearly isn’t Prince Harry, but will that stop them from acting like petty hookers who wouldn’t saw off their own pinkies for a chance at trading sex to join the monarchy? No. Absolutely not.

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    Admiral 05/21/2014 10:14

    But, they’re on TV! They made it! They’ll have all kinds of offers for their sex tape when they’re done making this show.

    I guess they’ll have to act really surprised when it’s ‘revealed’ that imposter Harry is really a video game store clerk living with his parents.

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    Chasab 05/21/2014 16:25

    I’m curious, if he slept with any of the girls, couldn’t that technically be considered rape. Wasn’t there a case where a women successfully sued a guy for having sex with her while she was under the impression that he was her boyfriend, when in fact he was just a look a like that snuck in?

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