Michael Sam Loves Cake (VIDEO)

May 13, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Remember when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and celebrated by smearing cake on his boyfriend’s face before a deep messy kiss? How we rejoiced as a nation. Now it was Missouri’s Defensive End Michael Sam’s turn. I don’t know if his final round selection by the NFL franchise local to his college was a token pick or not, but it was. But that didn’t stop Sam from celebrating being the first openly gay NFL draftee with a macking sessions with his boyfriend on national television. We could all pretend this was unplanned drama, just like lots of outraged ‘straights’ are pretending that their disgust with the televised moment had nothing to do with Sam being way gay.

Right. If it was Blake Bortles rubbing Peeps on his hot model girlfriend’s vagina, red blooded American males would’ve rushed out to buy his jersey to burn it in the streets. Some people are blaming the networks for keying on the moment, but fuck if they’re going to take a chance of being labeled anti-gay and lose their jobs while their kids still need braces. Gay rights organizations quickly jumped in to the fray to compliment the St. Louis Rams and the NFL and then ask how many runs you got for taking a field goal into the grassy thing. I’m pretty sure this is a watershed moment for somebody about something. Maybe just the cake industry.