Naya Rivera Not Shitcanned by Lea Michele

May 8, 2014 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I need to remind myself not to believe everything I read online. Especially the baseless shit I write myself on here. First Kim Kardashian turns out not to be re-re-married yet and now Naya Rivera wasn’t booted from Glee because Lea Michele was jealous of her new big tits. Or for any other reason. Naya’s very own truth telling spoke people confirmed that Naya is still on contract with Glee for next season. Also, that Naya is still signed to Columbia records despite rumors I invented that Lea had her ousted from that as well. In fact, my entire theory that Lea Michele is a jealous vindictive shrill horrible diva is in question. She’s probably an easy going best friend type of girl. She and Naya probably get fro-yo together and giggle about boys they’re seeing who are still alive. If Naya went down to Cabo like Lea Michele did earlier this year and snapped bikini selfies in poses just like Lea did, but with a much more womanly bodym and posted them to Instagram, it’s probably an inside joke the two laugh over at the commissary table on set. The table with the missing knife.

Photo Credit: Naya Rivera/Instagram

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