Nobody Likes Tori Spelling Anymore

May 1, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Now that Tori Spelling has been forced to open up about her money woes on her new series, True Tori, so she can continue to make a little more money that will hold her over until she either releases a terrifying sex tape or signs up for celebrity boxing, old friends of hers are starting to share stories about things that her broke ass has done to really piss them off. For example, her former 90210 co-star Jason Priestley had to find out from a TV news show that Tori was selling her personal items at a garage sale, according to Radar, and that even included her own autograph on Jason’s wedding invitation.

“I happened to be at home watching the local news one night, something I rarely got to do. Tori Spelling’s yard sale made the broadcast that night,” Priestley told Us Weekly magazine.

“I saw my very own wedding invitation on the screen.”

“Apparently, it had gone for five bucks, including a personal autograph by Tori. She sold my wedding invitation to a stranger.”

I don’t think anyone feels bad that a former spoiled rich daddy’s girl like Tori is suddenly reduced to selling random shit for a few extra bucks so she can keep pretending that she’s wealthy, but I feel pretty sorry for anyone who spends money on a Tori Spelling autograph that comes on Jason Priestley’s wedding invite. Especially since it could have just been Dean McDermott in disguise, rolling it up and smoking crack out of it. That’s what tin foil is for, Dean.

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