Solange Is An Adult And Deleted Beyonce From Her Instagram Photos

By Travis May 13, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

Solange is a bitter twat

The reason for Solange Knowles’ attempted elevator massacre of Jay Z is becoming a little bit clearer as more and more pieces are put into place and new rumors are made up to provide juicier headlines. For starters, Solange has deleted all but one photo of her and her sister, Beyonce, from her Instagram account, which means that this is a family affair and the likelihood of Jay Z’s wife taking his side over her own blood is greater than ever. Why did she leave that one photo, though? Was it a reminder of better times or does the specific photo serve as a warning that something more sinister is coming? I can almost feel the tell-all book that nobody will read being printed by the publishers right now.

At the same time, the Daily Mail claims that Solange finally blew up because Jay Z has never come through on his promise to make her a star. That’s a pretty valid scenario, but if that was really the case, then Beyonce probably would have been butchered by her old Destiny’s Child partners years ago. You remember that one girl and what’s her name, right? Those girls should be way angrier.

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    Giggity Giggity 05/13/2014 15:52

    Just watch the video. Beyonce does nothing as her sister attacks. Then after the second time she attackes she does nothing. Then she turns and starts talking to Jay Z about what her sister is wigging out about.

    AKA… Jay Z cheated and Solange is PISSED and wants to kick his ass. Beyonce is NOT STOPPING her so obviously she is stuck between defending her man or backing her sister.

    Then her sister deletes all of the insta pics showing her dissaproval of beyonce for staying with JayZ even though he cheated.

    Count on it!!

  2. Alex Galbis 05/13/2014 19:00

    i dont even know which one she is ? this may be her chance to get famous

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