V. Stiviano Adopted Two Cambodian Boys While She Was With Donald Sterling

May 7, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Because it was simply the right time for her to do it, V. Stiviano finalized the adoption process for two young Cambodian boys who she had been fostering for several years, according to Radar. Donald Sterling‘s mistress met the boys when she was working for the LA County District Attorney, but now that she’s got that NBA owner coin in her bank account – the same coin that has her being investigated for extortion – V was able to get the whole deal done and bring those kids home to live with her for good.

Actually, she can’t bring them home yet, because there are photographers and reporters constantly camped out at her home to ask her about how the phone conversation that she recorded of Donald saying racist things was leaked at a time when she was being sued by his wife, and why she suddenly wants everyone to know that he’s not racist and is really hurting right now. But aside from the constant media attention and any lawsuits and further scrutiny she faces over this, the social worker who gave this woman control over two children really did a fantastic job.

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