V. Stiviano Isn’t the First

By Lex May 02, 2014 @ 12:11 PM

V. Stiviano Takes Her Pet Turtle For A Walk Outside Her House In Los Angeles
Donald Sterling isn’t the first guy with Colonial-era views on race to really love himself some young women of color. In a not very surprising bit of news, it turns out The Other Donald has been boning young Spanish chicks before, buying them houses and expensive gifts, only to have his wife come clean shit up with lawsuits against the gold diggers. Ten years ago, she filed suit against the daughter of an immigrant Taco Bell worked named Alexandra Castro for:

“luring wealthy, older men in to her web of deceit by offering them economic opportunities, then sexual favors and then attempts to fleece them and their assets.”

That only sounds familiar because it’s about the exact same language she used to sue V. Stiviano. I guess it sucks to know that no matter how much Botox you shoot into your lily white, um, face, your old racist husbands is out in the plantation worker housing banging the caramel colored girls each evening. But you’ve still got hold on that money and you can’t just let the young Mexican ho’s come in and take what’s been promised to you. I get that, Shelly. I stand by you, even if you smell like old carpet.

Here’s V. Stiviano in a see-through outfit walking her pet turtle trying not to get attention…

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com, Pacific Coast News

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    Milo924 05/02/2014 12:41

    No panties, needs a trim. Jesus, for $1.8M you’d think a guy could draw hotter tail. That Texas geezer looked even older than Sterling and he got his rub and tugs from a 19 year old Anna Nicole Smith.

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    BillyMitchellisaGoldenGod 05/02/2014 17:28

    hey look it’s Edward James Olmos.

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    Beylerbey 05/02/2014 19:27

    He probably didn’t want hotter tail. Some guys prefer to slum it with gutter trash like this. Unfortunately, they still behave like gutter trash.

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    solomonthewise1 05/03/2014 12:15

    I am with you Milo924, this girl is NOT HOT. And you can take the trash out the gutter, dust it off, bring it to high-society and it will still be the same plastic surgery riddled gutter trash you fished out of the slums.

    Check out my article, on ‘the week after the racist rant’ this is not spam either people, I don’t play that shit, just a blogger piggy backing off my favorite website ;) http://www.thebuzzzstop.com/2014/05/donald-sterlings-racist-rant-week-after.html

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    phdivine 05/03/2014 23:24

    1. Only the stupidest losers still use the word “tail” to describe women. Seriously, it’s not 1973. Just stop using that word to describe women. Stop it. Don’t even think it unless it is your plan to never get laid. Women can spot the kind of men who use the word tail, and it makes us run away. And laugh at you.
    2. If Donald Sterling hadn’t been busted for being a racist, the men on this thread calling this woman ugly would be saying racially offensive things about this woman on this thread.
    3. Even if this woman is not your “type” – aka white – that does not make her unattractive or ‘trash.’ The point is, the guys who are calling her unattractive are too ugly and under-endowed – sexually and financially – to get her or a woman who looks like her to even think about paying attention to them, much less go out with them or sleep with them. Only ugly men trash attractive women for how they look. I have seen it over and over again. I have dated a number of extremely handsome men – not just cute, but so good-looking that people repeatedly commented on their looks, and other women acted insane around them – and I have learned that one thing very good-looking men have in common aside from their looks is the fact that they never, ever put down other people’s appearances. They never insult the appearances of women or other men for that matter. Never. They just don’t do it. They can be very judgmental about the intelligence of other people – perhaps because their looks have made them the targets of intellectual doubt and therefore sensitive about the issue – but never about other people’s looks. Over and over again, I have found that it is always the ugliest, least successful, and least desirable men – and women for that matter – who say the nastiest things about the way women look. Perhaps, they are projecting. So the next time you guys are sitting in your mom’s basement – yes, we know you live there – writing comments about how very attractive women are ugly, remember, that attractive women date attractive men, and we know that attractive men do not put down women’s looks. Every time, you trash a woman’s looks, you are advertising to attractive women that you are ugly and broke. We know.
    4. I don’t even like this woman or the way she lives her life. I don’t even find her looks particularly appealing because I think more natural-looking women are more attractive. However, there is no question that she is an attractive woman. She has symmetrical features, healthy skin and hair, and a very fit body. Therefore, it’s silly for a bunch of losers to pretend that she is not attractive Moreover, no woman on earth deserves to be described as fucking tail.

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    Beylerbey 05/04/2014 19:51

    That’s a lot of prog-rage.

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    BloodyTomFlint 05/05/2014 16:49

    The hell is going around here lately? Whats with all the PC bullshit being posted? Is the North American wing of FEMEN trolling shitty blogs all of the sudden?

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