Will Smith Is A Nice Guy And Possibly A Shitty Dad

By Travis May 21, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

Will Smith got his Scientology on another woman's baby

While he’s being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services over the photo of 13-year old Willow Smith in bed with a shirtless 20-year old actor whose name doesn’t matter, Will Smith helped make a random woman’s pregnancy announcement a little more special by posing with her in a coffee shop. Hopefully Emily didn’t solicit any parenting advice from the Fresh Prince of Not Giving a Shit, because her child could end up buying into Jaden Smith’s new crystal orgasm cult with the Jenner sisters, and then it’s all a one-way ride to sex tapes, fetish porn, PCP addiction, and eventually being framed for the murder of Selena Gomez from there. But before I get ahead of myself, congrats to Emily and her husband.

Photo Credit: Reddit

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    SurfnRide 05/22/2014 18:39

    Man… I’ve been reading WWTDD for a probably over 6 years now and I’ve never posted a comment. Love the site and the humor in all the articles. Witty and fresh unlike a lot of the low brow/flatline crap on other sites.

    But e-ho-lay…. This one is low.

    He has always been a good dad. Gets his bad acting son work. Never swore in rap or degraded women like 99% of the industry and you want to portray him as a shitty dad over a stupid ass pic of two people with their shirts off sitting on a bed?

    Guys can be straight, have no intentions, and sit in a room with their shirts off. Couuld be hot out. Could have been just doing some yardwork or playing basketball. WTF is wrong with people and why the F**K is CPS investing this?????

    Fucked up world we live in. I really hope you don’t block this WWTDD. Someone needs to have a little bit of integrity at some point when you are calling out parents for a stupid bogus ass CPS/RETARDED investigation.

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