Anna Faith Carlson Won the Disney Lookalike Jackpot

June 24, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Teen model from Daytona Beach may sound like a super elite bio line, but it mostly just means you dress up nice and your chest is too small for wet t-shirt contests. Imagine the good karma of looking like Anna Faith Carlson when Princess Elsa from Frozen became the biggest shit in the history of Disney. Fucking bingo. Pencil in those birthday party gigs and school events up and down the Sunshine State for the next ten years.

It’s touching to bring life to a character in front of a child’s eyes — Anna Faith

That’s wonderful. Though slightly less so for Anna’s sister who ironically is now forced by their mother to play the Frozen character Anna to her sister’s Elsa in these amateur theater gigs. I’ve seen these second billing sister stories before on Lifetime. Somebody ends up in tears with a half-consumed bottle of rubbing alcohol on the floor.

As much as the whole Carlson family love that wonderment in children’s eyes bit, they’re also reaching for the brass ring. They’re trying to get Anna a role in ABC’s Once Upon a Time as Princess Elsa. Mom wrote ABC a letter along the lines of ‘Please get my daughter the fuck out of Daytona’ but they’ve yet to respond. Networks are funny like that when you write them blind about landing TV roles because you look like somebody famous or you can juggle cats or you’re just very willing to do whatever it takes and you specifically write in the words ‘blow job’.

Photo Credit: Anna Faith Carlson/Instagram

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