Body Shaming Still Not as Catchy as Racism

By Lex June 02, 2014 @ 5:56 PM


Women are still searching for that effective slogan to build support for being mistreated. Anti-semitism is a no-brainer. At least since millions of Jews were mercilessly slaughtered, a majority of people minus Macklemore are now clear you don’t want to be labeled Anti-semitic. Racism has always been a powerful charge. Maybe people didn’t give a shit so much a hundred years ago like they should have, but in modern America, you get labeled a racist and your chances of being an elected official or an NBA owner are zero. Women continue to search for that powerful marker you can slap on somebody to make them instantly evil. They tried ‘sexist’ for a while, but it has the word ‘sex’ in it and men just found it kind of hot. ‘Gender equality’ just evokes images of a butch woman in jeans and a flannel fixing your brakes. ‘Rape culture’ has gotten a lot of play. Rape sounds horrible, it is horrible, and anybody who rapes is therefore to be despised. But it’s a legal term and can really only be applied in the very general to those men who stare at your ass in spin class. And they’re not technically rapists. They just allowing rape to occur because your ass looks decent when sweaty in Spandex. ┬áBody shaming is a new one the girls are trotting out. It’s a spin off from fat shaming that isn’t working too well because deep down people innately think fat people are lazy sandwich thieves at the office. Body shaming has a nice splash of implied small-mindedness with just a hint of rape. It just might catch on.

Lindsay Stocker says her Canadian high school is body shaming her by not allowing her come to school in short shorts that she needs to wear because it’s hot and the only way to cool off is by having boys masturbate thinking about her thighs. Lindsay and her high school progressive young lady klatch are protesting the school rules on short shorts and miniskirts and bra straps. They even made signs and posted them around the school so everybody could feel empowered. Then they demanded that instead of shaming girls for their bodies, the school ought to be educating boys on how to look at girls without thinking about sex. Thereby, Lindsay and her friends have fallen into the feminist trap of denying every bit, moment, and pillar of human evolution and where babies come from. Though she has quite absentmindedly made a solid point that boys will want to nail girls no matter how the girls are dressed, so short shorts or shapeless uniforms like the girls at my school wore, it doesn’t really matter. Girls are dressing showier than ever but sexual assault and teen pregnancy numbers continue to decline. Should you be able to come to school wearing nothing but your brow piercings and a feather sticking out of your vagina, sure, that’d be great and super duper cooling in the warm weather months. But your school has rules against it. Every teenager has the inherent need to break rules. Not every teenager feels the need to turn their rule breaking into a social justice campaign on social media. Okay, maybe just half now of teenagers do that now when they’re told ‘no’ for the first time in their lives. Someday, Lindsay, you’ll be President. But only of Canada.


Photo credit: Peter McCabe/The Gazette (above), Twitter (below)

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    Werepanda 06/02/2014 20:20

    Lex, you are officially my favorite writer here!

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    Zorbaz 06/02/2014 21:09

    Shes complaining that its hot out and needs the shorts to cool off…..yet is wearing a goddamn blanket as a shirt. No wonder shes so fucking hot.

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    Admiral 06/02/2014 23:58

    Don’t forget bullying. In the future bullying will be akin to raping a homosexual and will be punishable by death.

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    Admiral 06/03/2014 00:08

    “Girls are dressing showier than ever but sexual assault and teen pregnancy numbers continue to decline.”

    No, the reporting* of sexual assault and teen pregnancy is declining because girls are all slutty porn watchers like the rest of us now and they know that boys like sexual aggression, and Planned Parenthood doesn’t need to inform your parents if you get an abortion. So, on paper it’s declining, but really kids are just becoming amoral assholes and more clever at hiding their deviancy.

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    Al Bundy 06/03/2014 00:11

    This post needed to be longer.

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    Admiral 06/03/2014 00:30

    Teach boys that girls are not sexual objects? What asshole wrote that? Well, whoever it was is going to live a sad, lonely life. Men don’t treat women like sexual objects – men ARE sexual objects – the problem is that some women just can’t understand that. Hormones – learn about them before you hang up stupid signs that display your ignorance.

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    jimmiejoejohnson 06/03/2014 10:41

    Are there any pictures of her ass?

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 06/03/2014 12:24

    Whenever I get too warm at the office I’m always saying “Jeez I wish my legs were slightly cooler”

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    Al Bundy 06/03/2014 23:08

    If she doesn’t want to be treated and looked at as a sex object, then why is she wearing skin tight shorts instead of loose fitting ones? Why isn’t she wearing shorts that go further down towards the knees?

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