Bowe Bergdahl Studied Ballet

June 5, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I don’t like politics. It’s like watching smarmy girls with no arms have a bitch fight. They can’t even pull hair, just snipe and sneer. Everybody quarrels because nobody has anything new to say. I can get that nonsense by going home. I’m not using my blessed big screen to choose it voluntarily. This Bowe Bergdahl mess has everybody lining up to claim everything they know nothing about. It’s fair to say that the government acted cynically in retrieving Bowe Bergdahl. Fair because politicians are always up to something sinister and self-interested. But I don’t think anybody who’s ranting about Bowe Bergdahl as either a hero or a traitor knows the real Bowe Bergdahl. Except for Sherry Horton. She was Bowe’s ballet instructor in Idaho before he was deployed to Afghanistan.

He was a wonderful ballet partner, all the girls enjoyed dancing with him because he was so strong and steady.

Just because Bowe was a quiet guy who wanted to be a ballet dancer doesn’t mean he was a soft guy who deserted his platoon once deployed in the world’s worst vacation spot that is Afghanistan. It’d be easy for me to typecast a guy who loved to wear tights and ¬†pirouette. But that would be the old me. Before Jonah Hill asked all of us to dig a little deeper.

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