Casper Smart Just Can’t Quit the Post-Ops

June 3, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Purveyor of all things tranny hooker scandalous, is reporting that Casper Smart was sexting online with yet another male turned female for the purposes of feeling fresh and lithesome. He may also have met up with this one as well in his bad-ass Dodge Ram tranny boinking truck. Page Six is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is fed up with her cougar cub being such an insatiable post-op pussy hound. J-Lo is getting ready to break up with Casper¬†even though¬†he’s been the perfect boyfriend of two years, you know, other than constantly pointing to her vagina in bed and saying, mmm, that’s where your hot cock used to be. All of which just goes to show that intergenerational, incongruent sexuality relationships are difficult even under the best of circumstances. Also, if you happen to like transgendered sex and you don’t want your meal ticket to cut you off, find yourself a decent alias and cover story. Somebody wasn’t paying attention during backup show dancer orientation.

Photo credit: Xristina Marie on Google Plus

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