Donald Sterling Isn’t Crazy Like a Folk Hero

June 20, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Donald Sterling left an angry voicemail to the shrink who diagnosed him as being cognitively impaired allowing his wife could take control of the Clippers team sale. Sterling was pissed that the doctor shared his medical records against his will. Sterling claims the doctor didn’t perform any tests but just eyeballed him to determine that his mental state was compromised. As a member of the ‘I look fucking crazy’ club, I’m a bit concerned that the eyeball test would ever be used to strap people into restraining suits and house them in rubber rooms. It’s no more accurate than the slutty dresser test or the he must be gay because he tucks in his shirt test. Most girls who dress showy aren’t sexually promiscuous and most guy who neatly groom their appearance are not gay. Unless they have also have nice belts, then they’re almost most definitely on the top/bottom versatile roster. But people with buggy eyes or crooked smiles or lost gazes up at the ceiling. Many of us just call that our sexy look. Donald Sterling isn’t crazy, he’s just an asshole who happened to get old.

Photo Credit: Getty Images