I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Rose McGowan's Boobs

Rose McGowan In A See Through Top At The Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles I still get a little shy when I first see a woman's bare breasts. It goes back to my days as a pre-K when grandma and her equally large friends would strip in front of me to take saunas. It wasn't the sagging bare flesh that got to me so much as the union of exasperated sounds of older women releasing their heavy mammaries from their support bras. It was like a coven of witches cackling over an eye of newt Groupon. If I cose my eyes, I can still hear the groans. Despite the lingering trauma, I am able to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff when it comes to tits. Rose McGowan really does have a nice rack for a woman of forty. So long as she doesn't start ranting in Russian and wiping copious sweat from her underboob, I'll get through this without a disconcerting flashback.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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