Jillian Michaels Nude But Not Naked

By Lex June 19, 2014 @ 9:48 AM

Jillian Michaels Poses Nude And Covered For The July August Issue Of Shape
Jillian Michaels and her life partner Heidi Rhoades decided they’d each make a baby to kickstart their new lesbian family. Heidi conceived the old fashioned way. A group of LGBTQ friends spat donated jizz up Heidi’s cooch until a Wiccan clairvoyant heard a future baby cry. When it was Jillian’s turn to reproduce, she passed on the whole gestation hassle and jetted down to Haiti to snag an infant out of the clearance bin. Every lesbian couple has the smart one and the hairy one. I don’t see any hair on Jillian Michaels.

Photo Credit: Shape

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    BiebersStrapon 06/19/2014 12:56

    I wish she was straight – that mouth is screaming for my jizz.

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    SigmaEW 06/19/2014 13:40

    I may not like her or care if she only likes girls, but I’d still give her my jizz. She wouldn’t need to enjoy it for me to. I just don’t like her because she admitted she wouldn’t have a kid because it would ruin her body, so why should anyone take her advice if she doesn’t think she could get back into shape. I’d still seed her though

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    Maybe_Observer 06/19/2014 16:52

    “Nude but not naked” = I looked but quickly skipped on…

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    miche the killer 06/19/2014 19:41

    why do those biceps always = those trucker hands? It’s a double pack, you can’t buy those things separately.

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    Al Bundy 06/20/2014 02:08

    >so why should anyone take her advice if she doesn’t think she could get back into shape.<

    100 high-fives to you good sir.

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