Kate Upton Vagina Still Lurking on SI

By Lex June 12, 2014 @ 5:53 PM


Thanks to ‘pluggy’ (yeah, what’s your screen name, hotshot?) and a minor bit of detective work, it appears that the Kate Upton painted bare beaver shot they accidentally posted on SwimDaily before somebody yelled ‘vagina!’ is actually still sitting in their public media server.

original: http://swimdaily.si.com/2014/06/10/kate-upton-turns-22-and-we-have-2-minutes-and-22-seconds-of-gif-able-material-for-you/

SI must have a ton of hot model cooch shots they’ve nixed from photo shoots before. I thought they went into the radioactive chamber for cosmic disassembly, lest the models fear that some guy named Todd is storing all their wonderland shots on his thumb drive for later use. Nothing is ever erased in the digital world, but every second grader knows you have to purge the CDN, you can’t just remove a photo from the live server. At least, that’s what the second grader I just asked told me. I don’t know shit about this stuff. I can’t even delete my fat-faced baby pictures off Facebook. Quit that shit, mom.

SI, I know your first instinct will be to fire the kid with glasses who made Kate’s sex object friend to the world. Don’t. Someday, that lowly digital media staffer is going to build the next Snapchat or run blood diamonds out of Africa. We need both.

Photo credit: Swimdaily/SI

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    Maybe_Observer 06/13/2014 12:16


    …you are a fine gentleman……thanks…

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