Khloe Kardashian Ass Taunts The Hamptons

Khloe Kardashian Flashes Her Panties Playing Tennis With Scott Disick In The Hamptons There's nothing worse than making enough fuck you money to move out to The Hamptons only to have the Kardashians and their caravan of gleaming whore cubes riding into town. Just when you spent all that time ensuring the minorities were all kept at bay, here comes the little pregnant one and O.J.'s daughter with a production list of staged hijinks to run on the locals. It started with the big one flashing her ass on a public tennis court. It always starts that way. I'm pretty sure that's how World War I began. Nobody in The Hamptons believes in war, so just expect a lot of social shunning and gossip.

Did you see Khloe's ass today? I did. Do you think she's going to fuck my husband? No. Yes. Maybe, I don't know.

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