Malena Costa Rides Like a Champ

Malena Costa Rides Her Bike In A Bikini Top In Miami At times, we need to look to our European friends for examples of the relaxed life. Europeans spend an average of eight months of the year on vacation away from their jobs of picking olives or figuring out how to parlay all that Nazi gold for another couple of generations. They drink fabulous wine, sunbathe topless, and chain smoke in such a manner that their lungs actually become stronger. They aren't burdened by the horrors of child rearing as the sperm of the domestic male would rather sip a coffee in a tiny cup than fertilize the mawkish eggs of their jaded girlfriend. By the turn of the next century, mosques to serve the ever growing throngs of North African imported labor will actually out number those tiny convenience stores selling nothing but tampons and weird looking gum. Europe has it figured out. America needs to get back on its bikes.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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