Miley Cyrus is Shocking Again for the First Time

By Lex June 17, 2014 @ 9:14 AM

Miley Cyrus Takes Topless And Covered Pre Shower Selfie
Here’s my complete understanding of the Miley Cyrus phenomenon. People love gender bending Puckish twinks. And by people I mean everybody is suspect. Somebody is making Miley the most popular person in the world. It’s not me, I’m pretty sure it’s you. Stop getting so worked up every time she puts her hands on her unitard mons and maybe she’ll go away. I’m talking to you, neighbor. You got complaints about my cat raping your cat. Stop buying Miley records and I’ll put put some rubber pants on him.

Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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    BillyMitchellisaGoldenGod 06/17/2014 11:00

    She’s the got ” There’s something about Mary ” man-gel in her hair.

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    BiebersStrapon 06/17/2014 12:46

    I bet she’s got it in her arse as well.

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    Beylerbey 06/17/2014 18:10

    Yawn. Just give us the sex tape already.

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    G-Factor 06/18/2014 02:51

    AND the debate is settled on the “landing strip” versus “kojak”. I would guess that there are many guys out there that feel much less like a pedophile thanks to the presence or her pubs that she is so proudly showing. Me Included. (and YES, I realize my English sucks)

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    Maybe_Observer 06/18/2014 09:57

    G-factor……your English is good enough for THIS site……

    ……and as far as Miley goes……..and I do like a finely kempt pelt

  6. Jonny Midnight 06/18/2014 16:11

    Why are so many people losing their minds over the “topless” photo? She shows more skin in the one where she is wearing a bikini. And she is showing A LOT less than Rihanna did, with that see through outfit, recently, yet Miley is a whore, and Riri is a fashion icon. YAWN. Everyone who makes wild comments about Miley is just helping to create buzz about her. Which is her real intention. A free PR department.

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