Nina Agdal In See Through Beachwear

By Lex June 27, 2014 @ 4:29 PM

Nina Agdal In See Through Clothes For Gosee Magazine
I like the sexy siren bit. Would men really steer their ships into the rocky shores just to get some mystical pussy? Yeah, they would. Such is the power women forever hold over men. Also, the basic misogyny of ancient literature that college womyn with a ‘y’ are trying to vanquish with their pure hearts and angry undershorts. Why couldn’t the eons of literary succubi have been men? Because women don’t start wars to win back some kidnapped guy’s junk they dig. If a woman was navigating a ship and she heard some dude’s voice calling out from the foggy shoreline with the promise of a good shtup, she’s tell him to fuck off, creeper. See how that works? I get my feminist points today.

Photo Credit: Gosee Magazine

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    Admiral 06/27/2014 20:59

    She’s pretty, but I’ve seen prettier girls do porn without all that seemingly itchy clothing all stuck to them.

  2. Gail Powell 06/28/2014 00:04

    Absolutely cannot believe that crazy Adam Levine would give that up for skinny model Behato Prinsloo! The Maroon 5 singer must be deaf, dumb & blind!

  3. avatar
    Beylerbey 06/28/2014 01:56

    Are you really expecting the guy who heads Maroon 5 to have anything but extraordinarily bad taste? His band is so manufactured all the members have probably been bar coded.

  4. avatar
    Priyamehra 06/28/2014 04:04

    How about you ditch the bullshit, chauvinistic hotness scale and just understand thats she’s pretty d*mn gorgeous?

  5. Ank Sunamun 06/29/2014 00:07

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    Hugh G. Rection 06/29/2014 10:42

    Like the old joke goes, if they call it Maroon 5, can you imagine how bad Maroons 1 through 4 were?

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    adda3 06/29/2014 23:15

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    Maybe_Observer 06/30/2014 09:40

    I’d her….but of course, I’ve always kinda LIKED fu.ckin’……

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    wayne44870 06/30/2014 13:55

    Seems like that outfit should be required for all really hot chicks

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