Petra Nemcova and Shit Around the Web

June 12, 2014 | crap around the web | editor | 0 Comments

In the time honored tradition of being super fucking lazy, here’s a list of other must-see stuff around the web today. You can pretend you’re too busy to see more, but you’re not. Obama takes six weeks of vacation a year. People in France take off August and all of 1940. You can take ten minutes to look at tits and ass and learn a little. I know, it feels like I’m talking right to you.

God spared Petra Nemcova so he could stare at her naked (DrunkenStepfather)

Girls tugging on shirts and panties. That can’t be wrong. (TheChive)

Adam Levine apologizes to Anne V. and Nina Agdal for banging them (Dlisted)

Only hot Latin girls should be allowed to play soccer on the beach, no gringos! (Egotastic)

Hanging out with FEMEN Canada — Angry tits in Quebec (VICE)

Sao Paulo Stadium still looks like crappy and Brazilian (Busted Coverage)

Lots of soccer girls with lots of hot soccer asses, that’s timely (COED)

Ubisoft says it’s too hard to draw chicks, so no girl assassins (Kotaku)