Cheerleader Kendall Jones Likes to Kill Majestic Animals

July 2, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The Kendall Jones story tests the theory that good looking nineteen year old girls can do whatever the fuck they want. Short of murder, well, human murder. Kendall Jones is your typical college cheerleader who likes to kill the fuck out of large sub-Saharan wildlife. Kendall pulls all the hunter exemption crap out in her defense. All that stuff about hunters protecting the wildlife, helping to cull the herd, their hunting fees going to conservation efforts, and a bunch of other things that might very well be true but nobody gives a shit about when you’re posting pictures on Facebook of yourself showboating on top of a dead lion. Kendall’s Facebook feed was immediately filled with vitriol from people who have an unyielding willingness to believe animals are sacrosanct because they talk in Disney movies

You are absolute scum. I hope a gorgeous African animal takes its own revenge on you one day for all the beautiful souls you have shot.

A strong number of people earnestly believe that wild animals are cute and cuddly do-gooders who’d provide birth control to their employees if they ran Hobby Lobby. Back in the day they were just flesh eating village ravaging carnivores that people shot then got drunk and threw dance parties. It’s probably wrong for Kendall to kill these innocent creatures and then pose over their desecrated bodies. And I’m going to tell her so, right after I tell her how awesome she is and try to have sex with her.

Photo Credit: Kendall Jones/Facebook

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