Courtney Stodden Is Officially a Movie Star

By Lex July 07, 2014 @ 4:11 PM

When a young girl comes to Hollywood with nothing but a dream, some cash for a tit job, and a born again mom who believes Jesus wants her daughter to sleep with old men if that’s what it takes to be famous, it’s easy to scoff at her chances. Against all odds, Courtney Stodden has landed herself the role of the porny looking chick in a bikini by the pool in the blockbuster Love Addict, currently filming in some dude’s backyard in the Valley. In the film, a philandering man is hypnotized to vomit every time his dick thinks about wandering, causing him to spew chunks on Courtney’s tits in what is being described as a tour de force moment of cinematic drama. The Academy often overlooks films shot on recycled family Bar Mitzvah videotapes from the 80′s but hopefully they’ll take a look at Courtney’s work as Mrs. Davenport, the complicated woman who sunbathes in heels. You may note that the initial one-sheet for the film didn’t have Courtney’s name and tits attached. That was before the film decided it wanted to be awesome and also needed money for lighting from some guy who wants to bang Courtney biblical.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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    Beylerbey 07/07/2014 17:47

    I can’t lie: if she and I were in the same room, I’d try to fvck her. I’d tell her she’s so talented and misunderstood.

    I’m that guy (shudder).

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    Mud Nugget 07/07/2014 18:18

    I heard she screams out her name while she’s gettin fvcked

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    Gildorg 07/07/2014 18:21

    We would be in a shoving match, brother. I have wanted to bang her in her ass for awhile now…
    Mostly, because I think the look on her face would be funny, but sadly, I know that highway has seen its share of miles…


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