Rapper Cuts Off His Own Dick, So Motherfucking Gangsta

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The rapper who cut off his dick then jumped off a building is still feeling solid about his decision. Andre Johnson, or Christ Bearer if you own the albums, insisted he was quite sane at the time he severed his penis and flung himself off of a roof. Then he said a whole bunch of shit which proves why we don’t let psych patients diagnose their own mental conditions:

“I cut it off because that was the root of all my problems. My solution to the problem was the realization that sex is for mortals, and I am a god. …Those kinds of activities got me into trouble, and I came here to be a god.”

I’m with him about half way on that whole cock being the source of your problems thing. That appendage really does fuck up your life like no other. Christ Bearer has been released from the hospital and apparently deemed hunky dory by the same cops who visited that deranged Santa Barbara college killer and gave him a fist bump prior to his murdering spree. The extent of his poor decision making probably won’t be felt until his next rap performance when he reaches for his junk. A rapper without his dick to grab is just a guy in a bandana who rhymes.

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