Naya Rivera Got Married Anyhow

July 24, 2014 | Photos | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Last time we checked in with Naya Rivera, she was denying she had new tits and her fiance Big Sean was bolting because she was trying to install GPS ankle monitoring devices on his rapper cock. I think that’s a compliment in disguise. She had a wedding date of July 19th but nobody to marry, so she hooked up with a struggling actor named Ryan Dorsey she met several years back in Hollywood and married him on the 19th instead. Non-refundable caterer deposits. You’ve got to marry somebody

Dorsey told Cosmo that he loves when women wear “leggings or tights,” and prefers the “Brazilian” grooming style down below. — Ryan Dorsey, deep thoughts

Ryan seems like a winner. He also claims he doesn’t snore and he’s got some sweet abs. I’ve known plenty of people who’ve gotten married with less compelling circumstances. Naya, you keep your bush shaved and your ass in those Lululemons and you could easily make it a solid couple of years.

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