2014 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Pictures, Lena Dunham Just Ruined Everything


The 2014 Emmy Awards were just beginning their train of anorexic beauties on channels I have to skip past when maneuvering between ESPN and the regional sports channels. Then along comes Lena Dunham with the visuals of a Tim Burton re-imagined SNO BALL® and everything is ruined. Where is the line between being principally anti-beauty and reveling in your fugly? Forever two paces behind Lena Dunham. Who do I sue to get my boner back?

Here are the girls from the 2014 Emmy Awards I would let date me. Some of them may be under eighteen, so perhaps we'd have to date in Canada or another third world nation:

Photo credit: Getty Images / AKM-GSI / FameFlynet [gallery ids="1756954,1756955,1756957,1756958,1756959,1756960,1756961,1756956,1756962,1756963,1756964,1756965,1756966,1756929,1756930,1756938,1756937,1756933,1756932,1756931,1756947,1756946,1756945,1756939,1756944,1756948,1756949,1756952,1756950"]

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