Chelsea Handler’s Sidekick Needs Work

August 21, 2014 | Uncategorized | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Chuy Bravo has not heard anything about being featured on Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show. Consider that a bad sign. Chuy’s job on the previous show was to sit on a stool while the hostess burped out lazy Mexican jokes while she considered auctioning her anal virginity to the head of NBC Universal for an earlier time slot. Handler’s new show is supposed to focus on serious topics so they might very well drop the laughing minstrel act. Chuy claims he is in the running to get his own show if the Netflix thing falls through, which should draw heavy ratings in the sad liar demo. He should learn from his experience with Chelsea. If you aren’t talented you need to find an easy target and start with the mean spirited insults. Perhaps a veteran amputee or a kid with leukemia. Otherwise he is going nowhere since the amount of TV execs willing to exchange sex with an unfunny four foot Mexican for hosting gigs is nearly non existent. I’d put my money on more zany midget fetish porn.

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