Chloe Moretz in A Bikini

August 4, 2014 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I could look up how old Chloe Moretz is, but I’d rather claim ignorance when ICE comes to get me and mail me to Honduras to show they’re doing something. I know she’s been in about ten movies I’ve never seen before. Including the upcoming one about a young woman in a coma who has to decide between two different futures for herself. It’s based on a popular novel for women. You know, that one about a woman who must choose between two totally different realities for herself. So every novel for women since 1970. I think women dwell a lot on how things might’ve been awesome if they’d gone with that rodeo rider who helped them change their tire along the Interstate once instead of marrying the Asst. Marketing Director for toasted rolled oats cereal. Hot steamy cowboy sex well into their prostrate and jaw cancer years. Men just bitch then nail the first fat girl who shows them kindness. I’m not sure which is better. Both seem worse. I wish I could comment on Chloe Moretz’s tits and ass. Stupid laws.

Photo Credit:, FameFlynet

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