Ebola Seems to Be Going Well

August 18, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Liberia seems like a fun place. Mobs of people who like to do things in mobs broke down a newly built ebola triage center in a Monrovia slum over the weekend because they believe the ebola outbreak is all some big government ruse. The throngs of highly passionate chanting Liberians broke through the non-existent security and grabbed all their relatives and other patients and told them they only had malaria and they could be treated at home by their families. You have to love a place where ‘only malaria’ is the hallelujah news. Everybody associated medically with the facility fled as the mob ripped the place apart, stole the few remaining medical supplies, and created a whirling dervish dust cloud of live ebola. When the mob receded, the place looked like a frat house the morning after a blowout spring party. Only instead of being hungover and then yelled at by the Dean, everybody is going to die by painfully bleeding out through their eyeballs and ass.

It’d be easy to mock the ignorance of Liberian mobs. Except for the fact that everybody is crazy panicked, desperate, and have zero direction on what to do to keep their families from being microscopically slaughtered. We have fiery riots in this country after the Lakers win championships. If we had ebola outbreaks, just fucking imagine Ferguson times a thousand.

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