Gwyneth Paltrow in A Bikini For the Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

By Lex August 21, 2014 @ 8:33 AM

Have you heard about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that’s going around? Gwyneth Paltrow scratched her noggin and invented a way to raise money for charity while looking like a cool mom in her sensible bikini. Better yet, she nominated her ex-husband Chris Martin to take the challenge, along with her dear friends A-list actress Cameron Diaz and famed celebrity designer Stella McCartney. It’s great how she and Chris remain friends and how happy she is that Chris is dating the hotter younger bigger titted version of herself. Also, how she fills the charity breach like, well, like the North Star of friends. If Gwyneth Paltrow got any more amazing, we’d have to come up with even more radiant nicknames. I bet we could.

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    658811 08/21/2014 08:50

    I sometimes wonder why you allow people to comment on your crap posts. Since even the tamest posts seem to be curated. Eat a bag of dicks.

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    Al Bundy 08/21/2014 10:20

    She even f*cked that up by running away from the pouring water.

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    Maybe_Observer 08/21/2014 11:17

    I have to believe that Jennifer Lawrence is a way better lay than Gwyneth Paltrow……..

    ……her tits alone make her worth the ride……(Jennifer’s, that is)

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