Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini At The Beach With Her New Boyfriend In Miami If you work hard enough in life, and have your bikini drop in front of enough people, you will eventually be banging the Colombian dude who invented Zumba. That's axiomatic. Zumba is the genius of aerobics, but with meringue music instead of It's Raining Men. It didn't really catch on in the U.S. until Kirstie Alley said it helped her lose 511 pounds and then millions of people signed up before they noticed Kirstie put 600 back on and was only ambulatory with aid of a Tommy Lift. I guess if you're a fitness instructor then climbing on board the dude who invented Zumba is the pinnacle of cock quest. It's like being a Mary Kay girl and digging up the dead corpse of Mary Kay Ash for bizarre necrophiliac acts. Only that seems like a ton more work than smiling back at the dude on the beach with the 'I invented Zumba, come fuck me' sign.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1754965,1754966,1754968,1754969,1754959,1754960,1754961,1754962,1754963,1754967"]

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