Kate Upton Modeling At Age 15

By Lex August 08, 2014 @ 10:59 AM

Kate Upton Modeling At Age 15
For as long as Kate Upton’s been upset about being seen as a sex object, she’s been modeling in showy things. I went down to the small shop where the old Chinese guy lectures visitors about mogwais and bought some photos of Kate Upton modeling when she was just fifteen. It’s kind of crass to stare at Kate Upton from before she had the mighty tits of Athena, but it’s a solid reminder that even before the big boobs I never had a shot at a girl like Kate. She’d say she loves the guy who makes her laugh or knows how to castle properly in Chess, but even then she was dating the high school version of Justin Verlander. It’s cool. If I looked like Kate Upton, I’d only wrap my legs around Cy Young Award and Oscar winners too. But I don’t. So any girl with a GED equivalent and most of her teeth is my Match.com baseline. Fuck, I did poorly in high school.

Photo Credit: Coleman-Rayner

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    TheAlchemist 08/08/2014 11:40

    Should have kept purging after her binges.

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    BiebersStrapon 08/08/2014 11:58

    I wish she was binging on my semen.

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    Admiral 08/08/2014 12:08

    Her boobs were big back when she was 15, too. She must have been real popular with the old men in the neighborhood at pool parties.

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    Admiral 08/08/2014 12:09

    I need to buy a pool…

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    Beylerbey 08/08/2014 17:32

    I’m selling my pool. Can’t afford the litigation.

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    BloodyTomFlint 08/12/2014 13:26

    How much?

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